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Welcome to the Land of Many Waters!

The name Tillamook is derived from a local indigenous language which means Land of Many Waters.

Oceanside, Netarts, Cape Meares, Pacific City, Rockaway Beach, Neskowin, and Manzanita are Tillamook County's beach towns. Spectacular beaches & headlands and many natural waterways including pristine bays, salmon & steelhead fishing rivers, and just a few lakes offer countless opportunities to find your dream home by the water in Tillamook County.

Another intriguing and related bit of trivia... in Tillamook County you will notice many beach towns and area names which start with "NE" like Netarts (which means Home by the Water) and Neskowin (means home of the fish) and Nehalem (means home of the people) and NeahKahNie (means home of the gods.)  Noticing a pattern?  The prefix NE in this indigenous language (of the now extinct tribe known as the Killamook) means "home of" or "home by" or "the location of."  Back then, saying the equivalent of "Let's go to Neskowin" meant "Let's go to the place where the fish are." 

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