Roseanna's- This widely acclaimed popular establishment will probably always be my favorite.  Ever friendly staff and unbeatable closeup surf view would keep me coming even if they only served hash.  But the talented & proficient chefs Rob & Nate are consistently turning out delectable fresh seafood selections with exquisite sauces and accompaniments. My particular non-seafood favorite, though, is the veggie quiche - rich and sinfully flavorful.  Not as sinful as the very sweet and ultimately tempting desserts. Crabcakes and herbed clam chowder are my other faves. Go ahead and splurge - it's the beach.

Brewin' in the Wind - This is not your grandfather's espresso stand.  Someone behind that counter (Kathy? Thai?) knows what tastes good and knows how to hook me into buying some with that evil display counter you can't walk past to order your coffee without it grabbing you and forcing you to buy something like a pumpkin cheesecake or a peach french toast. Morning Glory muffins must be healthy, based on how incredibly delicious they are.  Sweet Potato Coffee Cake is to die for.

Blue Agate at Oceanfront Cabins- Casual and intimate setting with the best oceanview in town. Location is fabulous, right across the street from the beach with views of the surf rolling in. Chefs are twins and they both have the gift of gourmet cooking... double the delight. Fish Tacos are delectable here.


The Schooner - Double your pleasure when twin brothers are equally amazing chefs taking turns behind that oh-so-cozy woodfired pizza oven. The best seat in the recently remodeled house is the booth right in front of that oven, too.  The homemade crust on those gourmet pizzas rivals any I've had.   I'm not a big oyster fan, but have certainly heard others rave about The Schooner's oyster dishes, including fried oysters atop rich mac-n-cheese with pork belly.  Just had a wonderful special of salmon braised in miso & saki with black garlic, daikon radishes, & greens.  Mmm.

Upstairs Bar & Grill - Sometime I will tell you how the "Upstairs" its name. I don't know who gets credit for the big and very juicy burgers, but someone should. Clean, cheery, casual, popular tavern atmosphere.  Always something fun going on. 

Josi's Deli - I had no idea how delicious clam chowder could be till I tried theirs!  It's creamy - not too thick, not too thin.  Lots of flavor, though I added salt.  They do great sandwiches, too.  I'm not a pizza fan, but their pizzas look thick & hearty. They keep a case of live Dungeness Crab, too, for those who are too lazy to go out on the bay and catch your own (or too squeamish, like me!)


Blue Heron - Where creamy brie cheeses are made, and where some of it may end up on the most delicious turkey sandwich ever invented. They spread their brie on a fresh homemade bun with oven roasted fresh turkey and very little else, but a perfect combination to delight anyone looking for something freshly made and a cut above the ordinary.  Their homemade soups are fresh and rich and very satisfying. Homemade fresh salads are unique and always tasty.

Tillamook Cheese Factory (known by locals as The Creamery) - No one makes a cheese omelet with mushrooms any better than these folks. Of course, the ice cream on fresh homemade waffle cones is the world's best treat. Variety of grilled cheese sandwiches guaranteed to be rich and satisfying.

Kendra's Kitchen - This is Kendra's third restaurant in the area and each time she's had tremendous reviews, including winning People's Choice award at least once at a very well known food fair in Newport.  Her specially seasoned hand cut french fries, made from Yukon Gold potatoes, were always a hit with me. Many people rave about the great clam chowder served up in a bread bowl. Just about anything on Kendra's menu should prove to be tasty and well prepared.

La Mexicana - Fabulous Mexican food. Wide variety of selections including excellent seafood dishes. Not as overly "cheesy" as so many Mexican restaurants tend to be. The salsa & chips are delicate and fresh and very tasty.

Pacific House Seafood Restaurant - Delicious fusion dishes with Pacific Rim accent. Dependable and convenient in downtown Tillamook. Always a good bet for great food. The salmon salad with avocado and seaweed is original, beautifully presented, and a perfectly savory meal.

KoKo's Kitchen - at the clubhouse at the Alderbrook Golfcourse.  The surroundings are elegant, though casual, and the food is absolutely wonderful.  My favorite is the blackened halibut, but I did have the well prepared roast duck once and truly enjoyed it.  I could easily make a meal of the wonderful veggie appetizer plate, though.  It's huge and it's sooo yummy with the special hummus dip and soft warm pita bread. They always have their special recipe beer-cheese soup available, too. 

Tillamook Air Museum Restaurant - A fun and nostalgic visit back to the 50's with the checkerboard floor and the red plastic & chrome booths.  And the soda fountain type food is wonderful!  Malted milkshake (with Tillamook ice cream, of course!), a burger (with Tillamook cheese, of course!), and fries have to be my favorite.

Blue Moon Cafe - The most popular eatery in downtown Tillamook for lunch, anyway.  Always a wonderful chef's special. Seems like home cooking.  Great sandwiches. Great gathering place, too.  Want to know what's going on?  Here's where to find out.

Fat Dog Pizza - Just opened and seems to be doing well. I'm not a pizza connoisseur, but sure enjoyed my hand tossed pizza from Fat Dog. Crust is delectable. Pizza by the slice also available.

Chinese Garden - Okay, I like to play the slot machines there, but I have to tell you about the most enjoyable Chinese meal I've ever had which I would never have had the courage to order if it hadn't been for one of my clients letting me sample theirs:  Sweet & Sour Tofu and Garlic Greenbeans.  The greenbeans were fresh & perfectly cooked.  The tofu was so good it was hard to stop eating:  crunchy outer shell & soft interior.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.  Worsui Chicken, I'm told, is delicious - similar to teriyaki but sweeter.

McDonalds - Yes.  Not kidding.  One of my clients insists that the egg mcmuffins at the Tillamook McDonalds taste better than at any other McDonalds they have visited.  He and she both agree on this critique.  Who am I to argue?  I love egg mcmuffins!

Pacific City

Pelican Brew Pub - The most popular and versatile restaurant in the county which can please every person at your table, whether it's something fresh from the sea or a pizza meal, everyone seems to rave about it. The micro-brew your server recommends could be the finishing touch to a memorable meal, so be open to trying something new.

Delicate Palate Bistro - The first time I walked into this tiny restaurant which is part of a small motel on the main inland drag, I was pleasantly surprised at a very cozy and attractively finished interior.  But when my meal was served, I was astonished that this seemed to be the best kept secret on the oregon coast.  First the martinis are perfectly concocted and presented, so maybe that put a slant on my view of the rest of the meal.  Just kidding, it was a big martini, but the rest of the meal was exquisite. The flavor and presentation was proof that someone behind that kitchen door has experienced extensive and noteworthy training as a chef.  I'm embarrassed to say that I chose a dish they called macaroni & cheese for grown-ups, or something like that.  Why can't I ever choose lean meals?  It would be much less embarrassing if I were reporting how fresh & unique their salad greens were. However, I have to comment on one more rich and delicious dish served here:  the tomato bisque soup which is served with a huge puff pastry on top... oooooh so yummy.

Grateful Bread - need I say more?  If you love homemade breads and all the great foods that go with fresh breads, this is your place.  I nearly always end up with their fabulous veggie sandwich on freshly baked bread.  Espresso drive up window in back. Take home loaves or pies or other pastries, too. 

Stimulus Cafe - I love their lattes and I can't say that about many espresso shops, so I consider myself a connoisseur (connoiseusse?).  Haven't yet succumbed to the delicacies in their display case, but I am such an accomplished foodie that I can tell just by looking that their pastries must be fabulously delicious.  (update:  confessing that since writing this, I caved and ate some of their great pastries and they absolutely did not disappoint... gluten free berry coffee cake was thick and rich and heavenly)


Barview Grocery & Deli - Yes, believe it or not, this little mom & pop grocery store is one of my favorite lunch spots.  I'm stuck on one menu item, though:  the wiener wrap.  Trust me.  They are delicious.  I asked once why they taste so much better than any hot dog I've had and the owner said, "It must be that I brush the dough with real butter."  That is it.  Delicious frank, delicious fresh baked bread wrapper brushed with butter.  Sooo good.

Pirate's Cove - Somehow I used to enjoy it more when you had to stand in line outside waiting to get in to the tiny restaurant with a warm fireplace.  Now it's huge and you don't have to wait outdoors, and the food is always consistent and fabulous.  Seafood specialties, of course.  Great selection.  Incredible views from every table, too.

Parkside Cafe & Espresso - Someone here really knows how to bake and cook generally delicious food.  Homemade soups, huge and wonderful sandwiches piled thick with fresh layers of food, gigantic rich cake slices... so many tempting tasties here.  They'll make you a box lunch to take to the beach.  

Pacific Edge Espresso - Drive-up espresso stand with great lattes, but the wild cheddar bagel, toasted with cream cheese is sinfully scrumptious.


Rockaway Beach

The Beach Bite - Experienced, reliable staff knows how to serve you and offers menu selections for every palate. The owner seems to be always there to assure top service and their dishes are original recipes prepared onsite - no prefab foods here!  You can't go wrong by taking the whole family here for dinner or lunch. Get ready for a large meal, though.  Doggie bag required.  The clam chowder is rich and flavorful with a dab of butter melting on the top... naughty, but nice!



Hawk Creek Cafe - The only restaurant in Neskowin, and wow is it fabulous!  Again, pizza is extraordinaire, but so is everything else on the menu. Reliably fabulous food. Love the elaborate salads which make more than a meal. 



Wanda's for breakfast, yummy! Excellent homemade sweets and espresso, too.  Lunch is great, too. They can make a tuna sandwich extraordinaire.

Sunshine Pizza - on the Nehalem River for ambiance. Everyone says it's great pizza and that the owner is very accommodating. I'll get up there one of these days to give it a try. I ordered pizza there once for a meeting but didn't get to eat it because everyone else gobbled it up while I was talking!


Bread & Ocean Cafe - veggie & organic selections and fresh made bread are all unique and fortifying and exploding with flavor and texture.  This is where they know how to make healthy food feel like comfort food.  How do they pull that off?

Sisters & Pete's Coffees & Treats - Ooooooooh. Aaaaaah. Mmmmmmm. Homemade pie & desserts.  'Nuff said.

Blackbird - Locally inspired cuisine they tout is expertly prepared. Loaded with flavor and fresh as can be.  Even a side of roasted brussel sprouts can make a satisfying meal. Truffle oil fries,  sweet potato spaetzle with an egg on top, habanero martinis, Netarts oysters... samples of cuisine choices available at this five star facility.


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LATELY in Tillamook County that makes you want to shout from the mountaintops about the great food?

Drop me an email and I will add your positive commentary to my restaurant page.  pzielinski@bhhsnw.com 

Bon appetit!