Rockaway Beach is a place for memories. 

Countless buyers request to look for a beach home in Rockaway because there live their fondest memories of childhood -- coming to the beach with family and hearing the train chug along the track, making it's lazy way through town at just 10 miles an hour, with happy people, both on and off the train, waving and cheering.  Like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting, the little beach shacks along the way enrich the old-fashioned character of the neighborhood.

With an active merchant group, this town is always hopping with some exciting activity at the wayside. Young and old will always find something fun to do, whether it's a wine & cheese function, dancing in the streets, a kite display, fireworks, or a sand castle contest.  Check with the local Chamber of Commerce at 800-331-5928 to plan your visit around an event you will most enjoy.

If you fancy poking around interesting shops for a treasure, or feasting on delicious fare at one of the fabulous Rockaway Beach restaurants, you'll be pleased with the variety and quality along the main drag. 

Most Rockaway Beach home buyers have 1 of 3 possible requests:

1.  A house right on the 9-mile sandy beach.

2.  A house on the hill (Pacific View Estates) with a panoramic ocean view spanning about 30 miles of shoreline.

3.  An affordable cottage with an easy level beach access.

This entire city's real estate offerings fit into one of these 3 categories.

And Rockaway Beach is one of the few coastal towns with navigable lakes. Lake Lytle has a public boat dock, and it's connected to the ocean via a creek big enough to kayak.           Find your beach home in Rockaway Beach & make your family's memories start today.